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Ekiti a game of musical chairs or Russian Roulette

Ekiti a game of musical chairs or Russian Roulette He is the kind of public official you don’t want your teenagers following either in public conduct, on social media or anywhere. His shameful brand of politics of chicanery has rubbed off on us as a people. With a first term characterized by fraud and ineptitude but high on thuggery, wastage and brigandage, he was propped up by the then ruling PDP as candidate. It was a sick joke becoming reality when the federal might of soldiers, commanding officers and ministers were despatched to Ekiti to coronate Fayose. Captain Sagir Koli gave the world insights into how this was done for history. With brute force and what he has now pioneered as stomach infrastructure, Fayose would be declared winner of that election. It was a rigged chance, but an opportunity that a right thinking person would have used to build bridges and a lasting legacy. But Fayose’s feet were too deep in infamy to get out of the bog. He opened up Government House to be thrashed by his supporters but came to inauguration with a multi-million Naira refurbished antique Mercedes Benz.  With mindless violence, he virtually sacked the entire State Assembly, governing with six loyal members.

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